Friday, January 20, 2012

yup, i went shopping

Since I was only 2 blocks from my new favorite fabric store (Sew Modern), I obviously had to stop in.

I haven't finished the apron that I bought supplies for last week. But it is in progress. Sooooo that counts, right?

 Set 1: from Riley Blake's Christmas Candy. I love these--and they were 40% off. Which meant I was forced (forced, I tell you!) to get a yard of each. There were a couple other prints that were too cutesy creepy for me, due to the presence of gingerbread men. But I just love the way there is pink in this line. Pink makes me happy.

Set 2: The 4 right fabrics are from Outfoxed! by Lizzie House. I hadn't seen them before, but I love them. The lavender on the left is from another Lizzie House line. I got a half yard of each.

What am I going to do with these? They asked me at the store too. I have no idea. I want to say quilts, but maybe I should branch out a bit?

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