Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fixing a Sweater

Don't you hate it when you buy a cotton sweater, and you like said sweater, but over time, you realize the sweater (being 100% cotton) is shrinking. Not enough to make it too small, but enough to cause a horrid zipper ripple because the zipper fabric is not 100% cotton? And trust me, it looks even worse when I am wearing it. Which basically means I don't ever wear it.

So, last week I ripped out the zipper. Note to self: ripping a zipper out of knit fabric is not easy, and takes awhile. Then I tossed it in the wash, and, yeah!, the placket area came out in a nice, normal, flat shape.

And then it sat on my ironing board. I was not going to attempt to add buttons (and holes). I thought a nice piece of ribbon would solve my problems just fine. This is a lightweight summer sweater, and only a tank top fits under it.

Enter my first whimseybox!

Which contained grosgrain ribbon! First I was leaning toward the mid-width orange. But...orange? I generally wear this sweater with white or pink. The wide pink ribbon would certainly lend it a look—but not really my look. So I settled on the narrow pink.

And there you have it. A drop of Fraycheck and I am good to go. Once summer is here and I can actually wear this, I may shorten the ties. And if the cats chew them, they will also be shortened.


  1. That is such a great idea! The ribbon tie looks so cute. Glad you are back to blogging - been enjoying your posts this month.

  2. Very cute sweater, and love that you added a pink ribbon.