Saturday, January 21, 2012

Resolved to Sew 2012

Over at Very Berry Handmade, there is a new giveaway! Resolved to Sew 2012. It's funny, because I have been thinking about this myself. I put aside some other things (and haven't started a few things!) to get that baby quilt done.

 As of right now, I know of no cousins due in 2012, so I should get some other sewing done.

  • Finish the space quilt. I finished the top right before starting that baby quilt, and I have the backing fabric. I need to get a batt and get quilting. And make plans for the quilting. I purchased this fabric about 10 years ago, before I knew thing 1 would be a fan of garbage and other trucks, not space. And thing 2 is not a space kid either. But they both love wrapping themselves up in something cozy.
  • Finish the house wallhanging. It's pieced, it's embroidered, it might even be partly quilted. Find it, finish it.
  • Make the simple minky-backed quilt kit I bought at the Long Beach quilt show. Before the next LBQS.
  • Sew an article of clothing for me. And I don't mean another apron, though I'll do some of those too. I love aprons. What can you expect from a slob who loves to cook?
  • Do something with those scraps! Maybe a mini quilt for the school silent auction? Can I do that quickly?
  • Make a duvet cover from bright busy prints, if I can find them on sale--or win them in a giveaway, wink wink.
  • Just sew. Mend. Turn boys' pants with ripped knees into shorts. Repurpose things as they come up.
  • Get my poor machine serviced, before it starts doing funny things.
 The Amy Butler collection in this giveaway is calling to me! Fingers crossed

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