Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back from the Big Vacay!

Yes, it's been a few months. A few months of whirlwind busyness.

Kid 1 got out of school at the end of May, Kid 2 nearer the end of June. Less than a week after Kid 2 was out, we were off to Europe for 6.5 weeks! (Which, in hindsight, was too long—Kid 1 and I are both feeling overwhelmed with his starting school in 4 days!) London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, 3 weeks in Italy (2.5 in Genova/Rapallo), Salzburg, Munich.

6.5 weeks with no crafting, though I did get some magazines in Italy and some yarn in Salzburg. And in Venice I managed to find some nice affordable (cheap!) glass beads and pendants from Murano. I didn't get to GO to Murano, but ah well. I wish I had bought more beads, already.

Less than 24 hours after we returned, we had Kid 2's spring soccer team party. And we really wanted to do something for our fabulous team manager (who also managed our last fall team).

Bead a Murano bead from Venice. Cord purchased in Germany. Findings from my stash. The little bag came in a Whimseybox that arrived while we were gone (I am not sure what month's box), ring blank from the stash, letters stamped with a Pick Your Plum stamping set I purchased last spring, wild plum and stream alcohol inks.

Simple, yet very very satisfying to make.

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