Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Initial Keychains with Air Dry Clay

I need some small personalized gifts for a few people, and decided that some simple keychains would be perfect. Rather than a split ring, I chose this style of finding because it is easy to attach to a purse strap or bag handle. Keychains aren't just for keys, they can also identify your bag!

Take a small piece of your air-dry clay, and roll it out flat. I used an apple corer to cut my circles. It was the perfect size, and I already had it. Lots of little nubs to sand off after drying though.

See the bits that had to be sanded?
Then a quick hole, made with a toothpick.

Next, I used scrapbooking stamps directly on the soft clay. Most I did with no ink, for one I tried ink.

Then I let them dry for a day or two. After they were dry, I got rid of those nubs with an emery board. Then I painted the fronts and backs—some with acrylics, others with simple kids' watercolors. After that dried, I used a glue pen in the stamped letters, and then added glitter.

When everything was dry and extra glitter brushed off with a big soft paintbrush, I added 3 coats of acrylic coating, 10 minutes apart.

9mm jump rings connect the keychain finding to the clay pieces.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Air Dry Clay Bowl

The December 2013 Whimseybox came with a pack of air-dry clay, a small doily (to create texture), a large circle cookie cutter, an orange stick, and a small emery board.

The suggested project was a small bowl, and I decided to go for it, since I have never used this stuff before. It also only takes up about 1/3 of the pack of clay, so there are a lot more possibilities.

I found the clay a little difficult to warm up with my hands, as it was not a small piece—and then hard to roll out. I used my kitchen rolling pin with wax paper over the clay. Cutting was easy; I chose a stamp and used a silver ink pad. I am not thrilled with the letters—the size was right, but the font has a bit too much detail for this kind of project. Live and learn!

The drying—oh the drying! The project directions say to let it dry overnight. Mine took 3 days to fully dry. And the thickness matches what is in the project direction photos.

I also let it dry while perched on a coffee mug, to get the bowl shape. Unfortunately, over 2 days of sitting on the cup, you can see where the rim of the cup was on my bowl! Ah well, maybe I should have given it a plate shape when I realized this was happening.

I am considering spraying this with acrylic sealer, but have not just yet. I have another few small things that I made at the same time (I need to add some paint and whatnot), and I will try sealing those first.

Also—the smell of this clay. I kind of liked it (in a weird way), my husband hated it. One of the boys kept asking what that "weird smell" is. As in "that weird smell isn't dinner is it?"


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