Sunday, January 22, 2012

Emmeline Apron completed—take 1

I made my first Emmeline Apron this week—yes, I love aprons. I cook a lot, and tend to get covered in everything. Full aprons are best for dinner, half aprons work great for breadmaking. In any case, I know I will be making more versions of this. Probably as gifts, and for myself as well. This one is super cute, and I love love love the double thickness. Maybe I will even get brave enough to make taquitos from scratch, frying them up on the stove. Maybe. I would like to think two layers will protect me!

The fabric are Joel Dewberry prints, the solid is Kona (cerise? bright pink?). Please ignore the mess on the floor—it's laundry day.

 I made one big change on this round--rather than make a tie at the neck, I made it closed, so it just drops over my head and hangs on my apron hook. I am not a fan of tie necks. But when I make this as a gift, I will make a tie neck so it will fit. I only needed 36" of binding, rather than two yards, though I had made the entire two yards.

Future changes (for me):
  • Make bodice 1" deeper, and make the top 1.5" narrower to eliminate the gape. (I am 5'8", and more coverage is good.)
  • Not face the top band—or maybe face just one side? The facing makes this unnecessarily bulky, even with the seams trimmed. And I am not convinced it is needed at all.
  • Measure and cut the rectangles quilting-style, rather than using the pattern pieces. That way they will be actual rectangles LOL.
  • Buy only 1 1/4 yards of the contrast fabric, rather than 1 3/4 as listed on the pattern. Yes, I have 20" untouched full-width inches of bright pink Kona left over (and yes, I made the whole 2 yards of binding). Look!

Now I am feeling motivated to cook!


  1. Love the apron! I think I'm gonna have to check out the pattern.