Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It's really truly finished. Finally. And will make it to the recipient before she is one (ahem...).

At the end of May I had this:

And now, finally, I have this:

And with the backing:

Yes, I work slowly. I will spare you all the list of other stuff I did during that time period ;)

The pattern is Shake Rattle and Roll designed by Jacquie Gering, from  the Spring 2011 issue of Stitch magazine.

The block directions were great, but I am still shocked at the amount of waste this pattern created. So much sewing only to cut off fabric. I've never done any kind of wonky block before, so maybe that's normal? I found it frustrating. It took forever to make any progress!

The supply list calls for "1/4 yard each of 6 to 8 [fabrics]." I had 6--and ran out of fabric for all of the small blocks on the side. I had originally bought binding to match the light solid (and I usually wait until the quilt is done to chose binding), so made rectangles with that to use in place of the small blocks I couldn't make.

And then I got new binding fabric! It all worked out in the end, as I like the dark brown a lot. It frames it up quite nicely, especially given the excess of pale green!

Now I get to wrap it up and mail it away! That is the best part.


  1. what a neat design! love your fabric picks, i have that turquoise one with the yellow elipse and plus design on it, using scraps of it for hexies currently! congrats on the finish, sometimes things just take a while, right?!

    1. I love that turquoise fabric--it is so vibrant. I haven't even thought what to do with my scraps--though the bag is overflowing!

  2. A very interesting design! I think I`ll gonna try this too,

  3. this quilt is totally amazing....i love the colors you used.

  4. This is awesome! I'm kind of scared of purple (ok, really scared)and purple and yellow is even harder, but this works. And not just works. Love it!