Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's November!?

How did this happen?

The adults around here were down for 10 days with a bad and somewhat strange two-wave cold. One of us had a man cold. Which, of course, meant I had more to do and couldn't rest at all.

I did a little bit of quilting on the never-ending Halloween quilt (not finished, again). This week, though I made this for my older son's class Winter Market. They (er...we) are raising money for Science Camp in March.

It's just a small baby blanket made from 2 chunky mystery yarns that I got last summer when Stitches was having their closing sale. I used a simple granny until I ran out of yarn, basically.

Next up? Ten small handmade items for younger son's Winter Faire kids' market. And more for older son's Winter Market. And for younger son's Winter Faire Crafter's Booth.  And I must finish my nephew's baby afghan before Christmas, when we will be seeing him.

I have been itchy to get at the sewing machine, but not sure that will be happening soon!