Saturday, October 9, 2010

the Strapping Bag is done

And oh was it frustrating. But it is cute. (Please ignore the ugly backyard. )

This pattern is from Small Stash Sewing. I used Nicey Jane scraps I had left over from an apron I made last summer, and corduroy left over from the pencil holder I made last month. The button came from my late grandmother's stash. Even the interfacing I already had--WOO-HOO!

So, the frustrations...different illustrations show the corduroy nap going in different directions. The 3.25 x 18" pieces for the lining gusset leave you with about 3" on each side to cut off. The lining gusset is larger than the outer gusset. But the best is the cutting for the handle: first you cut 6 18" strips (that's 108 inches). These are cut apart into 3 to 6" segments and sewn together--and then you cut a 56" length for the actual strap.

Giant leftover piece.
Yes, I had over 30" left over! I cut apart all my Nicey Jane for this?!?

I added the closure and button. Since I had that big old leftover piece, I took some of it back apart (hellooooo seam ripper). One piece was buttonhole practice, the other was the real thing. It came out quite nicely (Nicey?).

So, my strap/purse body intersection is nothing like the picture in the book, but it does match the written directions. Whatever.

This was my favorite pattern in the book, which will be going back to the library next week.

I need to make another bag or two, and then I need to work on my own dream bag pattern. The ideas are almost overwhelming.

Trying to get a good picture....
Think anyone will notice when I wear it out tonight?


  1. Well, I should hope someone notices how super cute it is!

  2. Very nice! I'm a sucker for corduroy =)

  3. This is super cute! I love Nicey Jane and the idea of pairing it with courduroy is a great one!

    Jennifer :)

  4. I love handmade purses! You'll never see it on anyone else's shoulder. Mrs. Hearts

  5. Cute purse! I love Nicey Jane too : )

  6. Oh I love this purse! THanks for linking up to us.