Monday, October 11, 2010

pineapple guava jam

4.5 pounds peeled and sliced pineapple guavas
7 cups sugar
2 slices of beet (for color)

Yield: 7 8-oz jars, 1 12-oz jar, 1 half jar

I friend's tree has been super productive this year, so she gave me a bag. I don't really think the color of plain pineapple guava would make a very appealing jam, so I added 2 slices of beet, hoping to make it pinker. Perhaps a half slice would have been a better idea.

I am pretty sure I need a new candy thermometer. I think that trip mine took through the dishwasher has rendered it about 5° low. Between the fig jam and this... yeah. On the upside, I think I may not even need the thermometer any more, I think I can tell when the texture changes. But I don't think I trust myself!


  1. How did this jam turn out? I have a pineapple guava tree that is just starting to drop fruit. Usually it all goes to the chickens or the compost pile, but I'm willing to give the jam a try!

  2. It turned out OK. If I do it again (and I probably will), I will:
    --try it without the beet slices just to see what color it is!
    --chop the fruit more finely before cooking. Even though it cooked apart, it still has some of that grittiness that is why I can't eat this fruit fresh :) Maybe it never goes away?
    --buy a new candy thermometer. I overcooked the jam, but it never made it to 220° (per Putting Food by for no-pectin-added jam). So, it's a little too thick. But totally edible, and the taste itself is fine. Yummy even.