Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Yes, wings. That was the theme for Le Challenge #2.

Before the theme was announced, I was already working on the Kookaburra quilt for Kid 2. When he originally saw the backing fabric, he actually asked if I could just frame that for his room. Well...no, because 1) then there wouldn't be nearly enough for the back and 2) that would be one BIG frame.

But I thought maybe I would do something with my scraps.

Then my last Whimseybox contained string art supplies—wood base, nails, black wire, orange wire, green/white baker's twine, and blue/white baker's twine.

I am now over halfway done with the quilting (and fighting through a tough part, as much of the quilt has to fit through my machine, it's a struggle). So, clearly, I have my scraps. But not enough of the fabric I was hoping to use.

But I made it work.

Kingfisher on a Wire

Step 1--Mod Podged fabric scraps

Sides stamped with silver stamp pad

Wire under the kingfisher

 The quilt I am making is based on the Saffron Craig Banksia Bloom Kookaburra fabrics. I chose some of my scraps and mod podged them onto my wood. After it dried, I trimmed the fabric and then used a silver stamp pad to color the edges.

After looking at a whole lot of belted kingfisher (the kookaburra is a large kingfisher from Australia, the belted kingfisher is the North American kingfisher we see at a local park) pictures online and in books, I found a pose I liked. I then traced two different photos to get the pose I wanted. I scanned my drawing, enlarged it, and printed it.

After putting in the nails—the hardest part of this project—I first put on the wire the kingfisher is perched on, and then strung the kingfisher.

I added nails to the side, and more wire, for hanging. I also added felt circles to the back corners.

Of course, kid 2 decided he doesn't want to actually hang it LOL.

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  1. Ah! Hopefully kId 2 might change his mind. I think it looks great :)

  2. Wow - that is amazing. I love that Kookaburra fabric too :-)

  3. That is very cool! It should most definitely be hung in pride of place! :)

  4. I love your story, especially that your child didn't want it hung up! Looks really good.

  5. This is just amazing, do you mind if I still the idea, I don't know how, but I love it! Oh and can I pin it? for future reference.

  6. Ooh very crafty clever - hope you son loves it!

  7. WOW. How usual and very cool! I love the dimensional aspect of this project.

  8. That is great! Love the different skills used! Thanks for sharing on le challenge!