Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A win!

I recently won some sewn pouches from Susan of the Le Challenge blog, and they made it here all the way from England! And one of them had a whole bunch of precut hexies—I have never braved making hexies, perhaps I will finally try. Perhaps it will be the perfect project the next time I have a boy home sick.

I've been trying to get some good pictures, but I have given up. We've had bright sun, we've had rain, now we're back to sun.

The big one is currently full of washi tape—which had been living in a heap on my sewing table. I thought it was all going to fit into the smaller one. Ahem.

The amount of time I spent playing with these looking at the construction was kind of funny. Especially since I am still not clear on how they were put together!

Cookie approves!

I have 3 projects going right now—one for the current Le Challenge (which will be revealed on May 15, assuming it continues to go well), Everett's kookaburra quilt, and some mother's day gifts (which will be posted after they are received—my mother-in-law occasionally reads this blog, so NO SPOILERS).


  1. Such lovely pouches and how fun to have hexies! You will love them. I'm just finishing up my 6 or 7 hexie quilt ; )

  2. Great pouches! And I just did some hexies for the first time a week ago. I loved it and it took some time but not as long as I thought it would. I made large ones.