Friday, May 10, 2013

First Silhouette Project

I finally shoved aside the sewing machine and decided to set up my Silhouette Cameo, which has been in its box since...Christmas. I needed a birthday card for my dad, and saw a great idea in the spring/summer issue of Make It Yourself.

Setting up the Cameo was surprisingly easy—though I couldn't register through their automatic system, I had to go on the web to do it. Took a bit to connect my online account (there are no directions provided for this!).

But I got it figured out.

Then I discovered that my cardstock has disappeared. Spent 20 minutes looking for that. It's gone. I am guessing a certain 13-year-old probably turned it into a set of dumpsters. Or something.

So, I found an envelope (since it's heavier paper) and cut that to use in the Cameo. And since it's white, I found my nice scrapbooking markers to use to color the cut piece.

Maybe I should have colored it first.

I used the glue pen and the tack from the cutting mat to stick the words. They were quite hard to get off the mat.

Turns out my wonderful pens do run a bit if wet, in spite of being permanent, acid-free, etc etc etc.

I used the glue pen to glue down the baker's twine. A bit of a mess. Getting them cut to the same length was the hardest—in retrospect, I should have used double-sided tape.

All in all, I learned a bunch about how to work the Cameo.

My poor dad actually might not notice all of the annoying details that I see. Spot, smear, glue blob (it dried clear), poorly cut ends (scissors could not trim through glue!), poorly drawn flames.

Plan for this weekend: buy a variety pack of cardstock.

My first Cameo project!
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  1. i feel guilty reading this! i too bought a cameo a while back but other than 2 little project have not had a chance to really try it out
    i shall have to be brave like u and give it a good go

  2. This card is really cute! The three dimensional candles are a nice touch. Nothing beats a homemade card! :)