Thursday, March 14, 2013

Baby dress with flower

So, 10pm last night I was sewing on the flower. Which was much more complicated than I expected, due to flower floppiness. But I had left nice long tails, so all is well. But I was glad I didn't try to squeeze it in between school pickup, rocket building night, and cell phone contact mess.

See the dress on ravelry, and the flower on ravelry.

And for what's really going on. Note the pile of boys' hoodies/jackets, backpack of boy who is off for conferences, and random papers from their backpacks (I cannot tell if these are important or not). I managed to take 4 pictures before the cats came to check out the goings on.

Watcha doin'?

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  1. Hi! I cam here to check out your blog and to comment back to you about the Norby hat with the tassels. The tassels are short enough that I don't notice them and I need to have one of my girls snap a picture of me wearing it. it is very lightweight and cozy.
    I do love your snapshot of the nosy cats!

  2. That dress is so pretty!! Perfect for the summer!