Sunday, March 11, 2012

Easy-to-Clean Kid-Made Birdfeeder

Have you seen this recycled water bottle birdfeeder craft? It's all over pinterest and has been up on Family Fun's website for quite some time.


We have done this craft before, and it is great. It also conveniently meets cub scout bear requirement 5B (Build or make a bird feeder or birdhouse and hang it in a place where birds can visit safely.). So, it's time for us to do this craft again!

We learned some things from this craft last time. The finches loves the feeder, and, as you refill the feeder, all the seed under the bottom perch never gets touched and rots into a hockey puck that won't come out. Yuck! And not good for the birds.

Old feeder with rotted seed still in the bottom—
after we worked to clean it for recycling!

So, this time, we decided to turn the bottle upside down! This way, when we refill, what was at the bottom will become the top, so it will cycle. Less waste, less rot.

We do this a little differently than Family Fun.

1 empty plastic drink bottle (ridged near the bottom is best)
X-acto knife
found stick
kitchen string
bird seed (we use nyger seed to attract native house finches and lesser goldfinches)

With the x-acto knife, make an X about 3" from the cap of the bottle. Make sure your stick will fit through. Than make another X opposite the first one. Push the stick all the way through. If the stick isn't level or exactly straight, it doesn't matter—the birds won't care! Then, an inch or two above the perch, poke the x-acto in and rotate it to make a hole. You may need to slice off  a small piece of bottle (my 9-year-old did not want to do the slicing). Do the same on the other side.

Next, tie a length of string around the bottom of the bottle (which is our top for this project). Use any lip or groove to help hold the bottle. Tie this piece in a knot as tight as you can. Then, take another length of string. Knot it to the first string on each side.

The, fill your feeder! Use the funnel. We didn't fill ours all the way, as we hung it in a new spot. It might take the birds a few days to find it.

To refill, simply take it down, turn it over, unscrew the cap, and pour more seed into the funnel. Hang back up.

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