Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cards with Bling

I have spent the last month plus thinking about the glitter and sequins in the January and February whimseyboxes. And thinking of shiny things to make.

Today, with my internet out, and I found a 50-pack of plain white cards and envelopes that I found at Target today, I could try out one of those ideas. Cards! Simple and usable. What's not to like?

Glitter and sequins (crystal snow from my stash)!      

Pens and watercolors! 
Glues and cards!

I tried a few things. Drawing in white crayon and painting watercolors over. Adding glue and glitter to the drawn lines. Drawing in glue and adding glitter (no watercolors). Drawing in pen and adding glue/glitter and sequins.

Some success:
 Crayon drawing, watercolor, Elmer's glue, glitter
 Scotch glue pen, glitter, Marvy marker
 Marvy markers, glue pen, glitter, sequins

Some learning experiences:
  •  It is really difficult to draw a picture in white crayon on white paper.
  • It takes a lot of crayon to resist more than 2 strokes of watercolor.
  • I need to try some other glue pens. The one I found at Staples creates excess "strings" of glue, almost like a glue gun. 
  • It might be worth trying watercolors that aren't from cheap-o kid art sets.
  • I cannot draw shamrocks. Those are in the trash.
  • Drawing in glue and adding glitter over watercolor does not work that well—the glitter color washes out. Drawing in crayon first works better.
  • Cheap cards from Target don't like watercolors—major paper curl!
Cheap Target card + watercolor = paper curl!

I am looking forward to trying more of these cards, especially for thank you notes. So I got myself some new goodies today—nicer cardstock, some metallic inkpads, a ballpoint gluepen, and a glue stamp pad (I didn't even know such a thing existed!), and stamp cleaner (I have no idea if this is necessary). Hopefully I can get the boys to make something too—thought I doubt they will go for glitter.

 New goodies for more experimenting.

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