Thursday, September 23, 2010

I won!

Really. I won a $60 credit to csn stores over on the Backyard Farming blog. Thank you thank you! Goody! I am the kind of person who can't win Yahtzee, so I am excited. And--kitchen stuff!

So. What to get.

I am leaning toward the Kitchen Aid mixer attachment set. Which is out of stock. It has the food mill (which I want!), and the sausage attachment (which Pete wants!). It has graters--which I have no idea if I would ever use.

There is an interesting rabbit run--though I am really interested in that hutch. I wonder how much it is? And how easy it would be to convert it into a chicken coop? I think they don't carry the hutch. Bummer! Though probably very pricey. We just need to find something to start building with.

A yoga balance half-ball?

A Kitchen Aid ice cream attachment?

A new camp stove?

A Wii game for the kids? (NO!)

I am a little overwhelmed by the choices.

Or should I just watch awhile and see if they get that attachment set it? I am set to receive an email when they do. I have a couple of months before it expires.


  1. What ever you decide, make sure it is something for you. Once in a while we all need a little something for ourselves. Enjoy!

  2. Sounds like the attachment set to me! You think it would be cool, Pete thinks it would be cool, what's not to love?

    Converting a rabbit hutch into a chicken coop doesn't sound like fun. For me it would be a recipe for d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r.

  3. Yes, even the husband has told the boys I get to chose something for me. Then he proceeded to tell me what he really wanted LOL!