Wednesday, September 29, 2010

at 11:45pm last night...

These came out of the oven:

OK, not on one sheet like that.

What are those? This would be 14 dragon breads for my second grader's class. Another family baked some too. Whereas mine look more like mice with an allergy problem, theirs looked like awesome dragons. But my second grader didn't eat his, because it was crunchy when he nibbled its snout. So guess what I am doing tomorrow?! Making more Michaelmas dragon breads!

The good news? It has cooled off a bit. Leave it to me to volunteer to bake the one week of the whole year it is over 90°--only 85° in my kitchen. When the oven is off...

1 comment:

  1. Get those mice some tissues!

    They actually look pretty cool, even if they don't resemble dragons too much. Better luck with the next batch.