Saturday, August 28, 2010

reds and whites and black

I got Pretty Little Mini Quilts from the library a couple of weeks ago, and have been stuck on the "Spinning in Orbit" pattern. I love the appliqued circles on the straight seams. The circles echoing those in a print. The use of color, with it not being too matchy matchy (my problem, in colors and shapes and themes). Yet it all matches.

At The Cotton Shop last weekend, I found some red and black and white, and red and white prints. They kind of remind me of the Timeless Treasures Taxi and Kiwi lines, which I love, but can't quite wrap my brain around, with all that yellow and lime. But red and black. That I can do. Anyway, this is what I left with:

And in trying to figure out the name of the Kiwi line was, I found this Timeless Treasures pattern for Taxi. Which, OOH!, reminds me of Spinning in Orbit. I like it--though it's too something for me. Busy, maybe. Or, maybe, just plain old too yellow.

And! While exploring the various blogs linked on the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild site, I found this. Very cool. I wonder if I could do it in red and black and white. Or MORE colors??? Hehe.

So I started drawing. And shortly thereafter came to the brilliant conclusion that doing a many colored plaid will involve years of shopping for the perfect lime/yellow, red/lime, etc etc prints. Not for me.

So, I went back to my reds and blacks.

The left is like Spinning in Orbit. I don't like it--I have the wrong fabrics to get a nice balance of light/dark, red/black/white, and shapes. The right is more like the Taxi pattern. I like that more, but I am planning to hang this on a cabinet end in my kitchen. I like the long narrow, but have too many prints and not enough cabinet width.


There it is. The Plan. Darkest at the bottom in the widest strip, getting narrower and lighter/less dense to the top. Appliqued circles--maybe a hexagon or 2--to echo the prints, but the largest applique will be near the top, the smallest near the bottom. Darkest at top, lightest at bottom. I think. I also went and got a black/white print (which is in the dryer now, so I can't share), as I had 2 red/whites and no black/white. I may lose one of the red/whites. Have to see as we go along. I am hoping to start today, but with 1 napping boy, 1 on an errand with dad, and a dinner to cook, we'll see.

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