Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fabric Tuesday!

So, over on Quiltstory they have started "Fabric Tuesday." Which gives me a goal, being so type-A and all.

Not that I have much to show, fabric-wise. I should have had another something, but the significant other came home early, so I had to hide it. Next week, right?

What I did finish is a muslin I made to check the fitting on the Cute Skirts pattern by Favorite Things--which I bought on our recent road trip. Where? I can't remember. Anyway. Ever made a muslin, and then wished you had used the real fabric because it actually fits? Yeah. So, I think my muslin will become a house skirt (is this like a housedress?). The fabric has no drape, because it's quilting cotton was meant to be the backing for the first quilt I ever started...13 years ago? It took about two blocks to realize I was in over my head, and I have been dragging this stuff around ever since. And still have yards of it! And I don't like it any more. So, I have some nice lighter cotton I got on sale last weekend, and another sale fabric coming from Hancock's of Paducah. Sorry about the ugly artificial lighting picture.

In addition to the skirt, taking the boys swimming at the Y, baking bread, filling our new raised bed, laundry, going to the library, and making many sandwiches, I also managed to finish up a baby ripple ghan made from my late grandmother's stash of vintage acrylics (OK--they are 20-30 years old, but vintage sounds better).
This will be going up in the shop--once it's running--unless I manage to sell it first.

A good busy day, with a beach day tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for linking up! I think it turned out great, the fit is really nice!

    Hope to see you next week :)

  2. The skirt really fits nicely. I love the baby blankie. I have lots of that "vintage" yarn. hehe. My mom has more and she doesn't crochet anymore. So it's up to me to use it, yet I still find myself buying more. What's a girl to do at a Hobby Lobby sale with all that pretty wool and sock yarn.