Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Smock of All Ages

Smock of All Ages from One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins.

Even though this pattern is from a book of one-yard patterns—it doesn't fit into one yard! It calls for quilting cotton, but if you prewash it it won't fit (and who doesn't prewash before sewing a clothing item?). Also, the pattern also calls for a package of bias binding—Wrights, the only packaged bias binding I can find, is cotton/poly. So you have to prewash your fabric in order to add cotton/poly binding. Ugh...

I had 2 yards of this Hoffman California Penny Lane print stashed, so it was fine. The ruffle piece is 22" wide, so does not fully fit onto the prewashed fabric. I cut it, and then trimmed it. This worked fine. The ruffle, ties, and pocket could all be done in a contrasting fabric.

The ties are placed so as to be nearly impossible to tie yourself. But this smock is cute and comfortable and offers excellent coverage for the kitchen—which I need, being a messy cook. I may use it for some crafting as well.

I am also making another, as a Christmas gift. This is actually my muslin....

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