Friday, February 15, 2013


So, I saw this darling Valentine's Day dessert on pinterest. One of about 1000 versions, I know, for every holiday you can think of.

This one called for brownie mix, something called "chocolate bark" that the pinner found at walmart, and darling heart-shaped sprinkle-things.

So. I made brownies from scratch, that part went fine. (Why do people buy mixes? It is really no harder to throw in your own flour, sugar, and cocoa. Melting the butter is the hardest part, and the one mots likely to go wrong.)

So, chocolate bark. I have no idea what this is or looks like, but it is in the baking aisle at a Walmart somewhere. I don't shop at Walmart, for many reasons relating to Chinese imports, a woman who was fired in Wisconson almost 20 years ago, and the fact that Walmart if 6 miles from me. There are 6 count them SIX Targets closer.

So I went to Target. I was already there, actually. And drove my 10-year-old crazy looking for this "bark" thing.

Then  I went to Ralphs for "bark" and cute heart-shaped sprinkles. And completely struck out.

So I got Magic Shell and conversation hearts.

In spite of what the Magic Shell bottle says about it hardening in the refrigerator, that's not exactly true.

However, the brownie bites were a hit. Boys and husband eagerly pronounced them "delicious"!

I also have no lovely dish to display them on, just my cool bird platter from....Target :)

Not a Pin Win, but not a complete Pinstrosity.

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