Friday, January 18, 2013

When my back is out...

it's a great time for a new crochet project! Since all I can do is sit around anyway—crochet time without any guilt about the house being a mess and errands not being run.

Vapor scarf, wrapped
I grabbed my latest issue of Interweave crochet, looking for something quick to do that I already had suitable yarn for. The Vapor Scarf was the winner.

I used Bertagna Filati Soffice, which is very close to the Knit Picks Aloft called for in the directions.

It took lots of motrin, rest, and 5 days for my back to be at—well, not 100%, lets say 90%. And I have a new scarf. And I have a new crochet project, because my order from Knit Picks came yesterday. No guilt with this next project, it's a baby gift.
It's like jellyfish tendrils!
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  1. Love your scarf, could certainly do with a scarf here today it is freezing!

    Hope your back is at 100% soon.