Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cozy Shrug

I have been looking at Lion Brand's Simple Shrug pattern for some time. I like that it looks comfy and loose-but-not-too-loose. Though in my experience, "one size fits all" means "it will fall off your shoulders".

So after a perusal of all the (500+!) versions of this shrug on Ravelry, I decided that making the full-size shrug was not for me. Knowing me, I would probably get tangled up in it, or catch it on a doorknob (see yesterday's post). I also don't like the extra looseness that hangs along the lower back of many.

This was to be a stash yarn project. The original pattern calls for Homespun (yuck! it tears my fingers up), I ad to find something bulky. I don't have alot of bulky. I decided on Patons Mosaic, and ended up using 4 (or maybe 5) skeins.

Front of shrug

Back of shrug
You can see a little bit of the bagginess in the back, but how pronounced it is definitely has to do with your position and how loose it is in front.

It's warm, it's cozy, but not warm and cozy enough for our weather this week!

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  1. It's lovely. Knitting can be hard to get to fit right. You did great.

  2. I like your version! I'm almost finished making this same shrug using the Homespun yarn. Mine is turning out a little wonky so I'm not sure if I left out a few stitches or if I just got more consistent with my stitch size making them a little closer. Anyway...nice job, yours looks great.