Tuesday, February 14, 2012

finally actually quilting

After a crazy week that ended with our Cub Scout pack Blue & Gold Dinner, silent auction, and Arrow of Light Ceremony, I am finally actually quilting my Made in Cherry mini.

Did I mention I am silent auction chair (and entire committee, haha), and I am also the Advancement Coordinator, so had to have all of the Arrows of Light and certificates ready.


I also have thank you letters to send, but I am so happy the auction reconciled that I decided to let myself quilt!


  1. haha! SOOOoooo BTDT with cub scouts (Den leader for 3 years). My boys are now in scouts, and I'm trying hard to fade into the background! Some day we'll miss those days? haha! Seriously they do grow up FAST, and right now I would trade my teens' new interest in girls for those cub scout meeting ;-). Have fun quilting!