Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I admit it. One of the reasons this quilt sat in my UFO pile for so long was because I was afraid to quilt the witch's face. Really. And you know what? It was easy.

So now I am done quilting the entire center of this thing. The four big blocks and the small ghost and bat blocks. Which also means I am done withe all of the free motion. And given that my top thread keeps breaking, I am so relieved. 

Next up is the borders. I am going to do straight line quilting. I am really nearly done! The pattern is from Fons and Porter--in 2005. In the magazine it is a wall hanging with a complicated (if cool) spider web-shaped edge. We don't have a huge house with huge walls, so I am going to finish it as a square, and it can live on the couch come October. I know a certain 9-year-old who will love cuddling up with it. And a certain 12-year-old (who will--eek!--be 13 then) who will fight him for it.

So close to crossing this one off!

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  1. Well done, isn't it great when something you have put off for so long turns out to be quite straightforward?